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Soft - General Purpose

Soft - General Purpose

3/8" thick German felt, seamless, and hand-sewn. These are general, all-purpose mallets capable of producing plenty of sound. TP1 may be re-sewn for $16.00 pr. plus $12.00 shipping.
Lightweight aluminum shaft - general purpose timpani

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$25.00 pair


This mallet is RE-WRAPPABLE!

Extruded Aluminim Shafts


What is the difference in aluminum tubing?

This image shows the three aluminum shafts that we use to manufacture our Concert and Marching mallets. The top BLUE component is used for our TP1, TP2, TP3 Concert Timpani mallets, as well as all our Blue Steel Series steel drum mallets. The anodized shaft is made from seamless drawn, aircraft-quality aluminum tubing. It is light-weight aluminum that gives the performing timpanist a more sensitive touch. By combining the feel and balance of the old German cane mallets of the classical period with the technology of today, we have produced a traditional timpani mallet that is responsive and will always have a straight shaft.

The two bottom BLACK examples show the thickness of the Marching Bass and the Timp-Tom shafts. The shaft is extruded aircraft aluminum, which is tougher in tensile strength than formed or welded metals. American Drum was the first to use heavy-gauge aluminum as marching mallet shafts. Today, all major manufacturers have followed suit. The wall thickness is .065, the thickest you can allow without the weight of the mallet becoming an obstacle for the performer. These are tough mallets made for tough drummers!

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