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Punkinhead - Deep Sound

Punkinhead - Deep Sound

Discovery is a regular occurrence at American Drum. Believe it! And the most current discovery is the combination of a PunkinThunkin styrene-butadiene core yoked by an unbridled hand-made urethane O-ring which provides the clandestine center for the P35 Punkinhead contrabass mallet. (Shhh. It really IS a secret!).

Be prepared to feel your jaw and ear bones rattle while using this mallet. Strictly for the low-end of the contrabass instruments, the powerful depth of sound is indescribable, and no other brand comes close! Kids will delight in the sound and bright orange color. This single mallet may be rewrapped for $10.00 plus $12.00 shipping.
Thunderously Soft

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$30.00 ea


This mallet is RE-WRAPPABLE!


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