American Drum phone: 1-800-476-1776
phone: 1-800-476-1776
phone: 1-800-476-1776
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Re-sew and Re-wrap Services

American Drum will gladly refurbish your aging mallets, with materials selected for outstanding durability, and craftsmanship that returns them to peak performance.*
* PLEASE NOTE: Refurbished crocheted mallets will be wrapped, not crocheted.

mallet re-sewing service mallet re-wrapping service mallet re-wrapping service

Payment Information:
With the mallets, please send the total amount due plus $12.00 shipping. Check, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, or Purchase Order accepted.
Payments are to be made to:
American Drum
2800 Seven Hills Blvd.
Richmond, VA 23231

Be sure to include your physical street address with your order. UPS will not deliver to P.O. Boxes.

Concert Mallets
CB9 Concert Bass $18.00 ea
SB9 Sousa Bass $36.00 ea
RL3 Large Rollers $20.00 pair
TP1 Soft - General Purpose $16.00 pair
TP2 Medium - Voluminous $16.00 pair

Keyboard Mallets
BM1 Soft Yarn $18.00 pair
DC2 David Chung - Soft Marimba Mallets $16.00 pair
DC4 David Chung - Medium Soft Marimba Mallets $16.00 pair
DC6 David Chung - Medium Hard Marimba Mallets $16.00 pair
KC2 Medium Cord $16.00 pair
KC3 Hard Cord $16.00 pair
KY1 Soft Yarn $16.00 pair
KY2 Medium Yarn $16.00 pair
KY3 Hard Yarn $16.00 pair
MB1 Marching Keyboard $16.00 pair
MB2 Marching Keyboard $16.00 pair
MB3 Marching Keyboard $16.00 pair
MB4 Marching Keyboard $16.00 pair
MB5 Marching Keyboard $16.00 pair

ORFF Mallets
P31 Soft Yarn $8.00 ea
P35 Punkinhead - Deep Sound $10.00 ea
EC22 Medium - Yarn $10.00 pair
P82 Frame Drum Mallet $14.00 pair
P21 Soft - Yarn $10.00 pair
P22 Medium - Yarn $10.00 pair
P23 Hard - Yarn $10.00 pair
P92 General Purpose $14.00 pair

Specialty Mallets
CS8 Cymbal Sticks $16.00 pair
CS9 Cymbal Sticks $16.00 pair


2800 Seven Hills Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23231
FAX (804) 226-1776

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