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Specialty Mallets - Chime Mallet

Amber Chime

Amber Chime

This sonorous amber acetate head is mounted on the same heavy-gauge aluminum shaft as the marching mallets. The acetate sounds the same as rawhide, with the advantage being that the ends will not soften. A sound investment!
Acetate Head

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$40.00 ea


Just how tough is the AC5 Amber Chime head?


This amber acetate head is the same acetate composite that banks use for security windows. The above photo was taken after we personally tested the AC5 head with a .45 caliber bullet. We merely grazed it the first time, but the second shot embedded itself plainly into the acetate! Even after TWO shots, our amber mallet head didn't shatter or split into thousands of shards. Photos don't lie, see for yourself!


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