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Adaptive Mallets - Adaptive Packages

PK1 - Adaptive Mallets

PK1 - Adaptive Mallets

Package consists of one 5/8" T-bar mallet, one 3/4" T-bar, one 1-1/4" cork mallet, and one soft blue yarn mallet.

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Pack of 5/8" T-bar mallet; 3/4" T-bar mallet; 3/4" cork mallet; 2" yarn mallet
$50.00 ea

PK4 - Adaptive Mallets

PK4 - Adaptive Mallets

Package consists of one soft, ribbed rubber ball mallet (yellow); one medium yarn mallet (red); one wooden ball mallet; and one medium, red rubber elliptical head mallet. Built upon twelve inch nylon shafts.
Use with Adaptive Cuff -
$36.00 ea



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